Before his passing, Gord Downie put out a call to action for all Canadians – do whatever we can to help move towards healing and reconciliation through awareness, education and action. This project is an answer to that call.

Michael Boguski (Blue Rodeo) took this to heart. Moved by Downie’s final request, Mike began the search for a grassroots charity to support, and a creative way to do so. 

Teaming up with like-minded creatives, Boguski developed The Cold Manitoba Project – a collective of artists including Chris Mason and Lucas Goetz (formerly of The Deep Dark Woods), Jim Bowskill (The Sheepdogs, Blue Rodeo), Chris Sleightholm, Dustin Bentall and Ellen Froese. Together, they recorded “Cold Manitoba”, “Hometown Down Heart” and “Land and Tide” – songs penned originally by Toronto songwriter, Eddie Orso. With 100% of the proceeds from each track being donated to the Native Addictions Council of Manitoba, this project is Boguski’s way of honouring Downie’s last wishes.

“The goal of this project is to move people towards healing – healing as individuals, and as communities,” says Boguski. “I think it’s important to find ways where we can reach out to each other and find common ground.  We can begin to get through the hurt by coming together and understanding that there are similarities between all of us. Substance abuse and mental health are not isolated issues – they’re global and affect all people from all communities. My hope is that ‘Cold Manitoba’ will help bring more awareness to these unifying issues, and can help us think of ways to reconcile and move towards peace and togetherness.”

The Native Addictions Council of Manitoba provides traditional healing services to First Peoples through the holistic treatment of addictions. NACM is a Native owned and operated treatment centre that directly targets the addictions problems facing First Nations Peoples in Manitoba and the surrounding areas.

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To donate or find out more on what you can do: 

Native Addictions Council of Manitoba 
The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund

Clockwise from top centre:  Michael Boguski, Dustin Bentall, Jim Bowskill, Chris Sleightholm, Chris Mason, Lucas Goetz and Ellen Froese.